Endorsements Begin, February 11, 2016, NWA Democrat-Gazette:
"[Eva Madison] takes her role seriously and is devoted to making sure Washington County doesn't operate on the basis of 'it's always been done this way.' She's unafraid to shake things up when it's necessary and did outstanding work investigating the county's problems with bridge construction . . . Madison is our recommendation to retain her Quorum Court post."

Profile on District 9 Justice of the Peace Primary, January 6, 2016, KFSM

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Washington County bridge report blames failings on lack of training, poor management, May 6, 2015, NWA Democrat-Gazette

Investigation: Work Environment, Lack Of Training Contributed To Faulty Bridge Construction, May 5, 2015, KFSM

Full bridge investigation report available here.

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Assessor To Serve With Justice Of The Peace On Bridge Investigation, April 21, 2015, KFSM

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Quorum Court Plans to Investigate Bridges, Prosecutor's Office Will Not, April 17, 2015, KNWA

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Quorum Court Member Wants Every Bridge In Washington County Inspected, March 31, 2015, KFSM

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